Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6. feed the animals

new Girl Talk
if you didn’t already know. i listened through once, and my favorites are:
still here
set it off
hands in the air
in step
here's the thing

you should check out the contents of the sampled tracks too. fun.

i don't think the transitions in this album were quite as consistent as in Night Ripper. but there are some more “old school” songs on the album. i mean, it's okay. maybe it just doesn't compare to the memories we made with NR. like singing a cappella to hold up and too deep while waiting in line at rickshaw. but we'll see. sophomore year didn't start yet...


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


i never know what to think about using the idea of simplicity in an artistic or creative matter. in a way, i really don’t like it – i mean, it’s just that. it’s too simple. and then it becomes boring. a perfect example of this, in my opinion, would be Thoreau's Walden. i can describe my feelings of this book in 9 letters: pointless. or maybe just Zzzzzzzzz. that’s a lot of z’s…
so, this guy goes out in the woods and documents his experience. then it becomes one of the most well-known pieces of American literature. but who couldn’t do that?
then again, if an idea is never expressed, it doesn’t matter that anyone could have come up with it. not to mention, the simple things in life constantly go unnoticed but are usually the highlights of our days. i really like this guy's site and his interpretations.
also, i don't really know much about her work (hopefully this will be changing soon) but Miranda July has a unique way of executing her ideas.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

cc vs ss

i don't really know why i'm so intrigued by either, but if you have already checked out the cobrasnake, you should try the skullset. it's better cuz it's film, and film is more indie. DUH.


if you guys don't have a flickr, you're missing out on some of the best pictures and photographers i've ever seen. so, here are a few that i really like. if you click the picture you can see it full-size.

1. first post

well, this is going to be embarrassing...