Wednesday, September 30, 2009

animated love

when Jennifer prompted me to write a Top 5 list of celebrities i’m attracted to (hers included Conan O Brien, John Krasinski, and Hugh Jackman), i encouraged everyone else to write one too. Michelle was having trouble with her list and only came up with one person: Tuxedo Mask. yeah. from Sailor Moon… not exactly what i meant, however it did inspire me to write a new Top 5. Hottie Mc.Tottie CARTOONS, namsayin’?
1. first most obviously would have to be Trent from Daria. musician, philosopher, soft-spoken, and easy on the eyes. sure, he’s kind of a slacker but i’m sure he’s just trying to figure things out. or maybe he’s been waiting for me.
2. Aladdin is a close second. epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. actually, he looks sort of average height. we can replace that one with “constantly shirtless.”
3. Simba from The Lion King. what, did i go to far? or was this post not enough? i know you know.
4. Jughead from Archie Comics. after years of collecting these comics, i only have eyes for Jughead. he’s witty, confident enough to wear that stupid hat, and the drummer for The Archie’s. plus, i wont have to feel ashamed for always craving a burger from Pop Tate’s. he’s pretty much the perfect guy.
5. Dimitri from Anastasia. alright, i honestly don’t remember if i saw this movie, but he’s pretty cute. plus, John Cusack does his voice, and that’s reason enough.